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We’re all humans here.

And we’re all facing something completely new.

It is our hope that is a place where recruiters can be treated fairly and humanely. That means…

Recruiters Recruiting Recruiters Code of Conduct

We’re all facing something completely new and while there is an obvious downside to these times, there is also an opportunity to set a new standard in how we treat one another. 

On the employer side, we make it easy to track which applications are coming to your site from Recruiters Recruiting Recruiters. Your recruiting team can always search the database of already vetted candidates. If not, let us know in the forum we’ve provided to share your challenges, successes, and concerns with each other. 

  • Set standards at each step of the candidate’s journey. If you communicate your interest or acknowledge their interest don’t assume they know how long it will take for you to get back to them. Tell them. If you are screening them virtually, describe the expectations they should have before, during, and after.
  • Deliver every time against your candidate’s understanding or your expectations. If you promise a decision in 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks etc. and that isn’t going to happen, you need to let candidates know within the time originally promised when to expect a decision. Do not vaguely state you will be in touch if there is further interest.
  • No Black Holes. When you’re not moving forward with a candidate, find a way to tell them that you are not going forward. Non-negotiable.

These three things are the lowest acceptable bar. You know how much more there could be but these three establish a level that shouldn’t be crossed.

On the candidate side:

  • Respond to Recruiters Recruiting Recruiters surveys. Don’t assume we can interpret or act on your conversations with other Candidates in the forum. The idea of that forum is to help one another with ideas on how to best find and compete for a job. 
  • Surveys will ask you with whom you are communicating and with whom you are expressing an interest. We will follow up within weeks with a few simple questions to understand whether expectations are being set, delivered upon, and whether you have closure. 

On Recruiters Recruiting Recruiters side:

  • We will provide as many other resources as possible where TA jobs and TA candidates can be found. 
  • We will input jobs from vetted employers and remove those filled every day. 
  • We will vet employers and their recruiters based on their understanding and acceptance of our code of conduct
  • We will monitor the data and challenge employers, recruiters, and candidates participating in Recruiters Recruiting Recruiters to do better when necessary and, if violations persist and are egregious, we will restrict their participation.

We don’t propose to have a universe of TA jobs. We do propose to offer, to those who care about the recruiting profession, a trusted resource to review opportunities, and communicate openly. 

Our approved participating Employers are here. (Note, not all are hiring or furloughing recruiters on any given day.) 

If you know other employers hiring, or recruiters laid off, have them email for access. 

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